So How Did You Know~Noelle

Noelle Speaks On How She Knew

Wedding Anniversary Date: October 18, 2008

How she knew her husband was the one for her:

“I knew I was going to marry Marcel before I met him. I read a blog about someone who never wanted to get married.

I, on the other hand, was quite anxious to get married. In fact, I did so when everyone recommended that I didn’t. Several years later, the marriage ended and after some more years of struggling with romantic relationships, I told God that I wasn’t going to date again until I understood in my soul that He was enough. I had spent a lifetime trying to convince myself of that fact, but continued to look for a romantic relationship...and ended up continuously frustrated. I decided to stop fighting and get quiet.

It would be hard to overstate how difficult this was. I felt a pain almost like a physical withdrawal. Long story short, I stuck with it and it took about a year and a half. During that time, I spoke with men from my family and co-workers and that was it. (I should add to this story that there was a lot of therapy, support groups, prayer, and accountability in this mix. I was not able to do this on my own.) At some point during that year, my mom asked about the possibility of me dating someone of our faith. My first husband had been a pastor in our faith and I think I told mom not to hold her breath or something equally rude. Out of some guilt, I agreed that when I was dating again, I would look at one of the singles' websites for people in our faith.

I’m still not sure when or exactly how it happened, but one morning I woke up and found myself at peace with the idea of being alone---even if that was for the rest of my life. I went out on a few dates and found myself thinking at times, 'I could be home cleaning my house.' Not because the guys weren’t nice, but I didn’t need it anymore.

I made another equally drastic decision. I decided I wasn’t going to date again until I found the man I would marry. My life was full and rich and I didn’t want to spend even a few hours on something that wasn’t a part of God’s plan for me. I had enough 'practice dating'. I decided that God would pick and until He notified me, I wasn’t interested.

A few months later, to fulfill my promise to my mother, I posted a profile on a website. I didn’t pay for a subscription and never checked the emails. But my conscience was clear. At one point I got an email with the name of my favorite band when I was a preteen. Of course, I had to check the email in case it was my adolescent crush who had come to sweep me off my feet.

It wasn’t Kevin, but it was Marcel.

He had listed his blog address and out of curiosity I checked it. ( I was quite impressed and after reading one of his posts (about a homeless man who had cut him off and his reaction to that), I was impressed by this man of passion who could also admit his mistakes. After reading a few more posts, I looked down at Izzy, my trusty canine sidekick and told her, 'This could be the guy.'

Marcel and I began to communicate by email a few times a week, and after a little time, we figured out that he lived five miles from my brother and aunt in Los Angeles. Marcel offered to pay for half the ticket the next time I visited my brother...and the rest as they history.

We have been married now for a little over four months. I am consistently amazed by the difference in marriage from when I picked before and when I let God pick the man and the timing now. It was worth the wait and every moment of heartache. The joy is as much about knowing that God is my all as it is about this wonderful man I’ve pledged my life to. From this place I don’t operate from fear, wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. I am free--- body and soul---to love this man God gave me.”

Engagement Session~Veronica & Marcus

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So How Did You Know~Tiff

Tiff Speaks On How She Knew

Wedding Anniversary Date: October 14, 2006

How she knew her husband was the one for her:

“Honestly, no one thing determined that he was 'The One'. I’d say, for us it was more like a puzzle---and eventually all the pieces just fit. It’s been about nine years now since the first time I encountered my husband. Little did I know that a series of events over the following six years would lead us to our wedding day.

We were both just freshmen in college when we met, him an 'Army brat' whose family called New Orleans home, and me who grew up on a farm in the country. We both had so much to discover about ourselves and each other. There was an immediate indescribable connection between us….more than physical chemistry; it was as if we had been friends for years. I would say our freshmen year was a year of just pure delight in each other! One thing that I believe was instrumental in our bond was the fact that we found a wonderful church. It helped to ensure that we were surrounded by good people and receiving spiritual enrichment.

There were many turning points and new levels in our relationship. We experienced the ups and downs of college life together. We had a few break-ups and make-ups. We had been together for about four years when I finally told him about some serious personal baggage I was dealing with. Around that same time, I learned of deeper personal issues that he dealt with. When he knew about the deep inner issues that I struggled with and he didn’t vanish into thin air, I thought, 'Wow, there is something quite unique about him'.

Over the duration of our relationship, we’d been swept up in moments of idealistic, 'movie-like' romance...we’d been given prophetic words about our future marriage...and we’d seen the subtle hints that this was predestined by God. I recall that J even had a dream two weeks into our relationship that we would get married. However, nothing more earnestly illustrated to me that he was 'The One' than when I revealed a not-so-pretty, messed up, far-from-perfect girl and he still saw the God in me. We reached a place of complete transparency which made us totally vulnerable to each other. It took lots of time to build trust, commitment, integrity, maturity and loyalty. Seeing those attributes showed me we could do life together.”

Engagement Session~Heather & Carl

Heather & Carl's engagement session was shot at One Midtown Kitchen in Atlanta by Liana Photography.

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Shayna & Derek

Shayna & Derek's fabolous wedding was held at the Rosa Hall Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. These wonderful pics were shot by Baltazar Photography.

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So How Did You Know-Quincy

Wedding Anniversary Date: March 18, 2000

How he knew his wife was the one for him:

“My wife and I had known each other for three years. We had mutual friends, had classes together, even did our student teaching at the same school. Our paths crossed off and on during that period. We both had significant others during this time, and never looked at each other as anything but friends.

When I broke up with my girlfriend at the time, a mutual friend told her that I was going through a rough time. She called to cheer me up and we ended up hanging out that night for hours representing, as it turned out, our first of many dates. She indicated early on that I was the one for her and I immediately responded that I was not and that I had many issues. For the first time, I was honest with someone I was dating about my flaws.

On New Year's Eve 1998, I was sitting in her apartment while she and her brother were at church and I began to reflect on the year and the prospects for the new year. In all areas of my life, I surmised that I was almost where I needed to be, but there was something keeping me from reaching unexplainable void which was a stumbling block to fulfilling God's purpose for me. It was right there I knew it. I needed a helpmeet, and not just any helpmeet but her specifically. It was right then I knew I wanted to spend the rest of life with this woman and unite with her as we presented this union and eventually this family to God for His glory not ours.

This was revealed with a degree of clarity I never thought possible when it comes to relationships. She is strong in the areas I am weak, she did not match me up with a checklist of requirements she had for a man, but looked at the whole me as opposed to some stat sheet. We both wanted nothing from each other, but wanted an opportunity to give to each other.

Our souls established a connection which can never be broken which enables us to weather the storms we have and our personal moments of weakness. And that's how I knew and still know she is the one.”

Shawndell & John

Shawndell & John, New Yorkes, had a fabulous destination wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, Florida. The wedding was shot by Jeff Kolodny of Jeff Kolodny photography.

All I can say is the reception is gorgeous...

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So How Did You Know~Angie

Wedding Anniversary Date: July 14, 1984

How she knew her husband was the one for her:

"It's strange. I knew when I saw him across a very crowded dark room. Something about him made him stand out to me. I told my twin sister right then, 'You see that guy over there (and pointed him out)? I'm gonna marry him.' True story. So, in that, I feel like our marriage was somehow fated or preordained."

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