Vendor Spotlight~Tasty Morsels Bakery

(taken from her website) Crystal L. Horton, founder of Tasty Morsels Bakery, is an award-winning artist who relocated to New York in 2004 to pursue her Masters in Fine Arts at Parsons. After completing graduate school, her natural creativity led her into the fashion world as the Visual Designer for a high-profile French company.

Crystal fell in love with baking far before her interests in art and fashion bloomed. As a child, she would often be found at her mother’s side watching intently, trying to figure out just exactly what “a pinch” and “a dab” really meant. Over the years she began to bake for family and friends who often raved about how uniquely enticing her creations were to their palates. Crystal now combines her love for baking and her passion of art to create one of a kind cookies from all natural ingredients. Her skillfully crafted decorated sugar cookies are known as Tasty Morsels!

The Details on this is unreal!

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Kim & Rashad

HEllo Everyone!!!

I must say I love this wedding so much! I couldn't decide which photos to use! Kim and Rashad were married in Nashville,Tennessee. Such a lovely couple. Enjoy!

The Stats:

Wedding Planning: A Delightful Day
Cake: Maples Wedding Cake
Florals: Rhonda Patton
Facility: Hutton Hotel
Paper Goods: Sweet Life Designs
Videography: Mcneal Wedding Films
Photography- Dove Wedding Photography


How many groomsmen did the man have? lol

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Engagement Session~ Ezina & Dax

I love that Ezina and Dax  put their own spin into their engagment session.Ezina, a musician, alias when she performs at concerts is Guitar Goddess. which explains why she wore a pair of white wings during their session. The first location was at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the same place Dax proposed to Ezina. Photography courtesy of Furious Photography

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Griffith Observatory

2800 East Observatory Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90027-1299

(323) 660-7827

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Joey & Monica

So How Did You Know~Duawne

Duawne Speaks On How He Knew

Wedding Anniversary Date: October 7, 2001

“I met my wife at age 19. I had just transferred from a small college in Maryland, to an even smaller college in Alabama. What I noticed first about her were her eyes. Not so much the color, though they are beautiful, but more so their intensity. When I looked into her eyes, I could see my future. Funny thing is, I don’t remember becoming friends with her. I just remember being friends with her. Ours was a great friendship because neither of us was available. I was dating someone else back home and so was she. This allowed us to get to know each other on an intimate level without physical intimacy, which was the foundation for what we share today.

I remember feeling comfortable with her from the very beginning. Being with her was not just fun, but easy. Neither of us had to fight for the other’s attention. It was generously given. I did not know then that I would marry her because I would not allow my mind to think of her as anything but a friend. Remember, I had a girlfriend at home who I loved and respected. But I grew to love my wife on a completely different level than my girlfriend. I just loved sharing the same space with her. I loved knowing that this really pretty girl was so incredibly cool at the same time. I loved that I could talk to her about whatever, and I really loved looking out for her. I even told her once that my children would call her 'Auntie' because I knew we would always be in each others lives. But I’m glad that they call her 'Mommy' instead.

10 years would pass between our meeting and our marriage. Long story short, she knew I was hers before I knew she was mine. Most women do. But when I knew...I really knew. Having fostered a solid friendship, I was afraid of exploring a relationship with her. I didn’t want to risk ruining what we had. But when she began dating a guy she had known all of her life, a casual friend of mine, I then realized that the possibility of us ever dating may never be. That made me uneasy.

At a wedding of a mutual friend we reconnected. She was a bridesmaid and I was the singer. As she came down the aisle, I was in awe of her. Though we had kept in touch we had not seen each other for a few years. She was now a woman – a very beautiful woman. She was the first bridesmaid to enter and I was singing, 'I want to spend tomorrow here with you', as she walked in. That day God gave me a foreshadow of what was to come. I saw her dressed in white coming to vow herself to me. For the rest of the day, I could not be away from her and when it was time to leave I did not want to. I always missed her when either of us left but this time I felt like pieces of me stayed with her. That day she took my heart home with her and didn’t even know it. I was afraid to tell her.

Nearly two years passed before I asked God who my wife was. I wanted to be with His choice for me. I had been dating and up to this point, all of my choices had proven to be inadequate. Unknowingly, I had been comparing every relationship to the woman my soul loves.

When I asked God, He answered me immediately. He said, 'Carmen'. It was as if He had been waiting for me to ask. 'How did I know it was God?' you may ask? It’s just like when my mom calls me on the phone. I don’t have to check the caller ID to figure out who I’m talking to. Because I’m in relationship with her I know her voice. And even if we were in a noisy, crowded room, I would still recognize her voice above all others because I’ve spent years with her. Her voice is familiar to me.

The same is true of God. When you spend time with Him you get to know Him and how He speaks as it relates to you. Not only did God speak it, but He also confirmed it through the mouths of three others. It was made more than clear that Carmen was His choice for me. And when I reflect on the decade of friendship we shared prior to our covenant day, she had always been my choice for me as well.”


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Angela & Clyde

Angela & Clyde's wedding was held in South Carolina. With the reception being held at the Charleston Aquarium. The lovely photos were shot by the talented Sky + Carla

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Bridal Portraits~Angela

These lovely bridal portraits are courtesy of Sky + Carla. According to them these photos were enlarged and displayed at the reception....what a cool idea

So How Did You Know~Dwayna

Dwayna Speaks On How She Knew

Wedding Anniversary Date: September 1, 2007

How she knew her husband was the one for her:

“I knew Bryan was my husband because he was the exact opposite of the knucklehead (note: that is not the word I wanted to use) I previously dated. I was in the midst of a five-year relationship with my first 'love and lover' and I was feeling trapped. I loved him, but he was completely toxic to me. We'd been through so many relationship traumas that there really was no future for us, but I was afraid to let go. I was afraid that he'd leave me and actually do right by the next woman. The thought of that paralyzed me and kept me up at night. He would pick fights with me just so that he could sleep with other people. The worst part ... everyone knew, which made me the dumb chic who dates 'What's his name who slept with fill in the blank'.

Anyway, Bryan and I worked at the same place and he just carried himself with such pride, dignity and ease. You could tell just by looking at him. You know what they say, "Sugar tastes so much better once you've eaten s**t!" (Sorry ... there's no other word for that one :-) I watched him for weeks. He was on my mind day and night. AND everyone I asked about him had such wonderful things to say. I finally got the courage (even though I was still in my other relationship) to ask him out on a date. He said 'yes' and it’s been ... well … magic since that day.

This man feeds my soul. He was immediately interested in getting to know my mind … not my body. He did sweet things ... romantic things ... things you read in books. He cherished me. He nursed my soul back to health. He breathed life into what was dead and he loved what I thought was unlovable about me.

We've been married for just about 16 months now. It’s the wisest decision I've ever made in my life. I chose a partner who sees me. A partner who pushes me to be great. A man who understands that pleasing my body means starting with my mind. He is the definition ...

I sometimes wonder how I found him. I now know he actually was sent to me from God. I prayed for him and God answered. I used to hate that old church call to 'Wait for your husband' or 'God is gonna send you a man'. It used to make me so mad! (LOL) But ... when I was broken and naked in my shower one night I prayed strength to leave my toxic relationship and courage to seek/date a man just like Bryan . Two weeks later he appeared. He was always there before, but for some reason, I could finally see him.

We have a beautiful marriage and I thank God for my life everyday. It feels storybook at times, but I'm wise enough to know that it's just God's divine favor and sweet grace .”

Engagement Session~Aisha & Chris

Photography by Michelle Posey in Arkansas.

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Katherine & Jack

Who says you have to have a traditional wedding? I love the fact that they decided to have a City Hall wedding yet treat it like the celebration it is :)
The photographer Laurie Peacock did a really good job capturing the day.

Per the Photographer the judge said they had the largest group witnesses to ever file in his chambers


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