Now THATS Black Love

Sunday, before a crowd of friends and relatives, Ebenezer Rose, 93, wed Monica Hayden, 89, in a ceremony at the Crowne Plaza hotel on Belvedere Road.

The couple said they decided to take the plunge after a brief courtship.

Rose, who as a younger man traveled the world as a missionary for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, met Hayden in church about 20 years ago.

''She had eyes on me all these years,'' said Rose, who lost Bernice, his wife of 58 years, about four years ago. ``By God's grace, we're here.''

He proposed to Hayden, whose two husbands are gone now, too, the second about six months ago.

'I told her, `Each of us is living a lonely life. Why not get married?' ''

When the day finally arrived, Rose dressed in a dapper tan suit and sat in a chair in front of the crowd of well-wishers, awaiting his bride.

She appeared at last to a flourish of music, decked out in white gloves, a beaded shawl and a glittering tiara. A wide grin spread across Rose's face, and stayed there.

After the kiss, and the champagne toast, and the meal and the cake, after the last guests had wished them health and happiness, Mr. and Mrs. Ebenezer Rose lingered a moment to consider their new life together.

''It was more than I expected,'' Mrs. Rose said, her tiara sparkling in the light.



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